The New Year’s reception with Classic Boat Tours

The holidays are barely over, and yet the first festivities are already planned. January is often dominated by New Year’s receptions, as if we hadn’t seen everyone enough already lately. To make these (secretly fun) social obligations a little bit more pleasant, Classic Boat Tours happily offers you the opportunity to start the new year together in an original way!


With our permanent docking station at the Amstel Hotel Amsterdam, we’d like to welcome you with a glass of bubbles on board, accompanied by some delicious canapés. From simple snacks to culinary delights, everything is possible to cater on board. Did you know that we can even organize live cooking on board, with our private chef Andy? At Classic Boat Tours, we already have an extensive range of drinks on board, but you can even choose from the fine wine lists of the various hotels and restaurants that we pass along the way.


Naturally, New Year’s drinks can be held with friends and family, but also in the office we see that it’s becoming more and more common to start the New Year together in a festive way. In January, the city of Amsterdam also offers the nice side effect of the Amsterdam Light Festival! Via the magical ALF-route, you will be caught by surprise more than just once, with the illuminated artworks decorating the canals of Amsterdam. Please contact Frank, Mireille or Ellen to inquire about the possibilities and availability.