Discover Amsterdam from the water with a large group?


Are you organizing a conference or major event?

Are you looking for transport for 600 guests from the hotels to the event location?

Would you like to have more than 100 guests dine on the water?

Are you looking for a way for all your wedding guests to get from the dinner to the party location in a pleasant way?

Prefer a lot of small ships to be flexible in departure and embarkation or disembarkation location or rather the whole group on large ships?

We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

By hiring different ships, we can also show your group the best of Amsterdam and the good thing is that, due to our years of experience, we have already done everything once.

Whether with luxury saloon ships or rather transfers with tour boats.

Did you know that we are also happy to take care of your complete activities?

Hotel stays, guided walks, treasure hunts, but also sailing trips on the big water, cozy BBQs outside Amsterdam, luxury cruises with beautiful large, classic saloon ships where hundreds of guests can be on one ship.

We are your eyes and ears in Amsterdam and we help you put together the best program for your guests.

Inquire about the possibilities without obligation by filling in the form below, of course without obligation.


Years of experience, flexibility and the fact that we offer made-to-measure cruises; we can offer the canal-cruise in accordance to your wishes.

We are Flexible

Our boat tours are made-to-measure; on entertainment, music, food , drinks and route.

Your cruise, to your Wishes

We have no requirements of number of people, the use of catering or a minimum of 2 hours rental.

Electric Propulsion

Our boats sail electric, their no pollution; are sustainable and quiet as a whisper.

Stay tuned


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Our tours through Amsterdam are unique and are arranged based on your wishes. Tell us what you want to include and we make the perfect boat-cruise.