Christmas with Classic Boat Tours

It’s that time of the year again … Christmas is almost coming! Of course, the annual Christmas drink also comes into play. And what could be nicer than discovering Amsterdam from the water during the Christmas season? Exactly, we already thought so.


Classic Boat Tours is here for you during the holidays, to sail you through the canals of Amsterdam. After all, Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family, during which special moments and memories should be created. A beautiful boat trip on the waters of Amsterdam, surrounded by the people you love to spend time with, is guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget.


For many people, the holidays are inextricably linked to good food. At Classic Boat Tours, we are fully prepared for that. For example, we love to organize a beautiful dinner for you on the water, where we sail past different locations to pick up different dishes. Many restaurants in Amsterdam also serve a stunning Christmas menu around these days, bringing you the best culinary surprises! Do you prefer an intimate experience with a private chef on board? In that case, a private dinner is no problem for us either. Our own chef Andy cannot wait to serve you a luxurious dinner. Dining on the water during Christmas is the ultimate way to make the holidays extra special this year!

In addition to a great time with friends and family, Christmas also offers the perfect opportunity to thank your business partners for the past year. These can be either valued customers or your loyal staff. If you would like to organize an original closing of the year, Classic Boat Tours will gladly offer you a helping hand.


Although sailing at Christmas is a good idea anyway, during this period of the year you can enjoy the spectacular view of the route of the Amsterdam Light Festival! During the winter months, the city of Amsterdam is beautifully illuminated, with the luxury saloon boats of Classic Boat Tours sailing along all the highlights of this special route. Will we see you on board during Christmas?