Your own chef on board, that's enjoyment!

Live cooking on board

If you really want to pamper your guests and provide an evening that will be talked about, we recommend this unique package.

Excellent food and the informal setting are unique on the Amsterdam canals. A downright special experience, where chef Jamie, Mart or Andy will spoil you and your guests with delicious dishes.

Taste needs time, products we like to serve you therefore come from small producers / craftsmen who treat their product with passion and respect and from the backyard of Amsterdam.

We are guided by the producers and the seasons, so we always think and cook according to what the season has to offer us. We serve the product to you in its purest form without unnecessary additives.

Feel free to inform us of your special requirements! Our chef are pleased to create a menu according to your wishes.

  • 3 hours sailing time (2,5 hours is also possible)
  • Each menu is even more surprising with wines and champagne selected by us.
  • Prices excl. 9% VAT and boat rent
  • Chefs hours € 65 per hour (number of sailing hours + 2) excl. 21% VAT
  • Vegetarian and vegan no problem
  • We work with daily fresh products. Because of this, products may change.
  • Children’s menus available
  • Halal on request, no extra charge
  • Kosher style, with a surcharge of 10.00 p.p.

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