Enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival from the canals

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

The Amsterdam Light Festival will take place from November 30, 2023 through January 21, 2024 and we are official partner of the festival.

Unfortunately we are fully booked on December 29, 30 and 31.

We would like to take you along the beautiful light artworks  with the theme ‘LOADING… Revealing Art, AI and Tech’.

You always rent a boat for your own party and our skipper will show you the best of Amsterdam (the route is in the city center this year) and the Amsterdam Light Festival and will be pleased to tell you all about it.

Edition 12:

For Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 we have asked artists to consider the effects of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) on our everyday lives. The ways in which we communicate, engage and create are all impacted by technology and AI. What is the impact on the human condition? How does society change because of this digital evolution? And where are the boundaries? The different perspectives will be highlighted during Edition 12, with the theme: LOADING… Revealing Art, AI and Tech.

The route consists of more than twenty light artworks by the hand of international artists. From renowned names to surprising newcomers and everything in between. We dive deeper into our relationship with personal tech, the mobile phone being at the forefront – we cannot live without it, but sometimes you wish you could throw it in the canal. Subjects such as swarm intelligence, self learning algorithms, facial recognition and motion capture are also explored. What will be next? That is still loading…

The lights are on daily between 5.00 to 10.00/11.00 PM depending on the day (on New Year’s Eve the Light Festival is closed).

Our suggestions: Luxe cruise with drinks. Our ships are beautiful authentic salon boats. Comfortable, warm, with double glazing and toilet.

We recommend a 2 hour boat tour since the route is though the city center, on some days 1,5 hour might be possible.

Private tour 2 of 1,5 hours

  • 2-12 guests 2 hours € 492,50 / 1,5 hour € 390,00 excl. VAT 9% and catering
  • 6-22 guests 2 hours € 637,50 / 1,5 hour € 510,00 excl. VAT 9% and catering
  • 23 guests or more please ask for a quotation

Remittance festival € 6,70 p.p. excl. VAT 21% (childeren <12 € 3,35)

Drinks based on consumption or open bar (beer, wine, soft drinks € 14,50 p.p.p.h.) Appetizers and snacks like you wish.

Private dinner cruise tour 3 hours

  • 2-8 guests € 697,50 excl. VAT 9% and dinner/drinks
  • 6-10 guests € 892,50 excl. VAT 9% and dinner/drinks
  • 6-18 guests € 1140,00 excl. VAT 9% and dinner (live cooking possible)/drinks
  • More guests? Please ask for a quotation

Remittance festival € 6,70 p.p. excl. VAT 21% (childeren <12 € 3,35)

We can arrange very nice food on board. For example an 8 course live cooking or just an informal plateservice. Please ask for our suggestions.

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