People asked for a smaller boat for a tea-for-two or a canal tour

PRIX D'EAU (1-12 persons)

After the success of La Reine, the customers wanted more. Or rather, less. Many people asked for a smaller ship, for a tea-for-two example or a boat cruise with dinner with two, four, six or eight.

Such a boat, a sweetheart, is the Prix d’eau. The boat is build in 1909 and renovated by the same craftsman as la Reine. You notice the same materials, the same class, the same style, with the same possibilities for eating, drinking and relaxation. The Prix d’eau is smaller, meant for greater intimacy.

Sweet, romantic and intimate. If we could only choice three words to describe this beautiful ship, these would be the ones.

The Prix d’Eau is ideal for a romantic canal cruise or lunch/dinner with a small group. This boat has a toilet, heating, double glazing, comfortable fabric covering, running water, open rear and a radio with usb-connection. According to wishes the Prix can be set up with small tables or one large dining table.

The Prix d’Eau is electrically powered, sails emissions free and may carry 12 passengers on board.

Due to the electric propulsion you have no motor noise or emission; this way we (and you) participate in making Amsterdam greener and healthier.

  • * 1st hour: € 287,50
  • * Subsequent hours: € 205.00
  • Recommended sailing time:
  • * 2 hours to show you the best of Amsterdam
  • * 3 hours for a luxury lunch/dinner cruise
  • We are happy to help you to decide about the duration that suits you the best. This also depends on the desired embarkation and disembarkation location.
  • Excl. 9% VAT and 2.50 p.p. tourist tax.

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