Step aboard and experience the warmth of the wood.

LA REINE (2-22 persons)

La Reine, literally translated: The Queen. Step aboard and experience the warmth of the wood, the authenticity and the love with which the ship has been restored from having been build over a century ago to the current beauty. During a months-long restoration, the ship was completely transformed into the pearl she is now. In addition, La Reine was also provided with ‘modern luxury’; she can carry a maximum of 22 guests and is equipped with a toilet, heating, double glazing, open rear, comfortable fabric upholstery, running water, a radio with USB connection and can be equipped with small tables or a large dinner table.

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About 20 years ago an artistic shipbuilder, a renowned chef of the Amstel Hotel and a befriended entrepreneur saw, during sailing the Friesian lakes, a neglected salon boat of almost a century old in the reed. Soon and plus one plus one was three. The ship would be restored into its original state, on board should be excellent dining and drinking and guest should line up to experience a unique cruise through Amsterdam. Soon afterwards slang the Amstel river, at the hotel, a beautiful ship was laying, the queen amongst the ships in Amsterdam: La Reine.

A century ago a salon boat like La Reine was often privately own by wealthy merchants, a good investment since there was no proper road network.

Due to the electric propulsion you have no motor noise or emission; this way we (and you) participate in making Amsterdam greener and healthier.

  • * 1st hour: € 382,50
  • * Subsequent hours: € 255.- (to book per half hour)
  • Recommended sailing time:
  • * 2 hour to show you the best of Amsterdam.
  • * 3 hour for a luxury lunch/dinner cruise.
  • We are happy to help you determine the most suitable time for you. This of course also depends on the desired boarding and disembarking location.
  • Excl. 9% VAT and 1.50 p.p. tourist tax (2024 € 2,00 p.p.)

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